WWF Water Risk Filter

Assess and respond to your water risks for enhancing resilience

Corporate and portfolio-level screening tool to help companies and investors to prioritize action on what and where it matters the most to address water risks for enhancing business resilience and contributing to a sustainable future

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The WWF Water Risk Filter is a leading, free online tool that enables users to Explore, Assess, Value, and Respond to water risks

explore.svg Explore

Physical, regulatory and reputational water risks - from now into the future

assess.svg Assess

Water risks across your operations, supply chain and investments

value.svg Value

How water risk can financially impact your business and investments

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To mitigate your water risks and enhance resilience

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Our Team

Meet our passionate team behind the WWF Water Risk Filter! Contact us to receive our tailored expert support to better understand your water risks and develop water stewardship strategies and targets for reducing risk and enhancing resilience.


Ariane Laporte-Bisquit

Water Risk Filter Project Manager


Rafael Camargo

Water Risk Filter Technical Project Manager


Isabel Meza

Water Risk Filter Officer


Alexis Morgan

Global Water Stewardship Lead


Rylan Dobson

Senior Water Stewardship Manager


Asad Baig

Student Assistant Risk Analysis

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