Tool & Team

The WWF Water Risk Filter is a leading online tool aimed to help companies and investors to explore, assess, value and respond to water risks in their operations, supply chain and investments.

Launched in 2012, the first version of the WWF Water Risk Filter was co-developed with the German Development Finance Institution DEG. Over the past years, the tool has continuously evolved and offers the unique ability to assess both basin and operational water risk in order to inform response and value. With the support of the UK Development Finance Institution CDC, the latest WWF Water Risk Filter version was enhanced even further to comprehensively integrate climate and socio-economic pathway scenarios of water risks, thus enabling users to perform scenario analysis across their portfolio of sites as recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


Ariane Laporte-Bisquit

Ariane is the Water Risk Filter Project Manager. She is responsible for overseeing the ongoing evolution and implementation of the Water Risk Filter strategy. She leads on the engagement with investor and corporate users of the tool in collaboration with the wider WWF network. 


Rafael Camargo

Rafael is responsible for the maintenance and ongoing technological developments of the tool. Rafael guarantees that the Water Risk Filter applies the best available data and technologies for water risk assessment, and makes the bridge between science and the project.


Isabel Meza

Isabel is the Water Risk Filter Officer; she is responsible for managing and delivering corporate partnership risk assessments. She also provides technical support to day-to-day user requests and to WWF's Freshwater work.


Alexis Morgan

Alexis leads WWF's global efforts on water stewardship. In addition to supporting teams around the world, this role includes oversight on the Water Risk Filter, leading Alliance for Water Stewardship engagement on behalf of WWF, supporting WWF's freshwater work on standards & certification, guiding thinking on the value of water, and developing the concept of Science-Based Water Targets.


Rylan Dobson

Rylan is the Senior Water Stewardship Manager within the Water Stewardship Hub and primarily supports WWF teams and WWF corporate partnerships within integrating the Water Risk Filter into water stewardship work. He also supports the Water Risk Filter team in developing bespoke add-ons for the Water Risk Filter such as the new Respond section within the tool.


Asad Baig

Asad is the Student Assistant Risk Analysis. He provides technical support to the team in carrying out analysis and automating workflows.